Crayons Ideas

July 1, 2011  |  Good ideas, Inspiration

I hate it when crayons snap into pieces as you just end up throwing them away only to buy new ones! Here’s a few ideas to reuse the bits and the colours that don’t really get used.

I’ve done this first one myself and they come out really well. If you haven’t got a little baking tray like this one you can just put them in cupcake cases and peel them off.

This one is a good alternative to putting them in the oven. You need to be inventive on finding little containers or shapes.

These are so pretty from Martha Stewart. Click on the link below to go to the full tutorial, but basically it is ironed crayon shavings between a folded sheet of waxed paper and then cut out.



I love this letter, it is just so perfect! A great gift for a new baby or, as is this one, for a teacher.


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